Cool China arts blogs: Part I

The China cultural blogosphere is a prolific and fascinating place – and one in which you can disappear for hours as one discovery leads to another, much like Alice upon discovering a rabbit hole… After spending a few too many hours down that hole yesterday, I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite finds for the latest news in China visual arts (these for English readers – Chinese ones coming in the next post)


Randian 燃点 is China’s online magazine for critical culture. Launched in 2010, Randian 燃点 is owned and run by its editorial board. They seek to promote independent cultural debate in China and to foster intellectual exchange between China and the rest of the world. This means independent commentary on art, artists, exhibitions and galleries, as well as video, film, poetry, architecture, design. (Bilingual)

Iona Whittaker

Arts writer and editor Iona is a friend of mine with her finger very much on the pulse of the local Beijing visual art scene. Her blog features art reviews and writings also published in major arts publications including Art Review, Frieze online, Artforum online, LEAP, Art Asia Pacific, The Art Newspaper, Artinfo online, ArtSlant and ArtQuest. (English only)

Philip Tinari:

Philip Tinari (b. 1979) is founding editor and acting publisher of LEAP, The International Art Magazine of Contemporary China, based in Beijing. Since 2007, he has run the publishing imprint, editorial office, and translation studio Office for Discourse Engineering. Tinari is a contributing editor to Artforum and adjunct professor in the College of Humanities at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts. His self named blog covers visual art and social commentary in insightful and often very humorous ways.

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