Hanggai rock The Spiegeltent for Sydney Festival


‘Welcome To Ride The Mongolian Horse!’

What’s not to love about a beaming, mock-horse-whipping, gold smock-wearing Mongolian downing a beer onstage mid song?

The Spiegeltent was packed last night and reverberating with the sounds of Mongolian band Hanggai, making their Australian debut for the Sydney Festival this month.

With their mesmeric mix of throat singing, indie rock beats and mongolian lyrics and dancing, the band brought the crowd to their feet, inviting us to join them in a traditional drinking song in ‘the best looking Mongolian Yurt in town’.

It was love at first sound when I first saw them in Beijing three years ago, where they wowed a surprised crowd on a lazy winter afternoon at The Stoneboat in Ritan Park. Since then Hanggai have progressed to the forefront of the indie music scene in Beijing, with a loyal cult following of locals and expats, and a growing fanbase internationally. Judging by last nights’ success they’ve just earnt themselves a few more groupies.

For those who missed them, check out their latest album ‘He Who Travels Far’ on Itunes, or the clips below. Or catch them at WOMADelaide later this year.

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2 Responses to Hanggai rock The Spiegeltent for Sydney Festival

  1. Harry says:

    Hi Hannah,

    Nice piece there. Have you been following Hanggai at all?

    • CULTURVATE says:

      Hi Harry
      Glad you enjoyed the post and yes I am a major Hanggai fan – was a regular at their gigs in Beijing. Do you know them? You can buy their latest album ‘He Who Travels Far’ now on Itunes. Xiger Xiger is a winner!

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